PANTROPIC® has been providing women and men with the best in sun protective hats for more than twenty-five years.

Since 1982, PANTROPIC® has sold more than a million Panama hats throughout the United States and dozens of other countries around the globe.

PANTROPIC® has gained the reputation as the most reliable and highest quality Panama hat producers in the world. Working both with established Ecuadorian factories and small artisan workshops, PANTROPIC® is known for its high quality and innovative designs. 

Offering a full line of packable hats and accessories, the collection is especially popular with outdoor enthusiasts. sun protection In the early 1990s, PANTROPIC® branched out into Autumn/Winter collections with the production of fleece hats and accessories.

During these years, PANTROPIC® created hundreds of great styles that are warm, wearable and very fashionable. This cold-weather collection has been extremely popular and is a staple for contemporary clothing stores. This collection includes LiteFelt® styles made in the U.S. which offer comfort, packability and water repellency.

From its inception, PANTROPIC® has worked with both with large mail-order catalogs and specialty retailers around the world.

As PANTROPIC® has matured, so has the nature of its products. PANTROPIC® designers have made many new products from countries other than Ecuador, expanding their horizons and diversifying their assortment.

A loyal customer today enjoys the PANTROPIC® brand and appreciates its leading designs, fashionable looks, high quality, and protection features.


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