The Bailey® Hat Company was founded by George Bailey in 1922 in Los Angeles, California.  Bailey® was purchased by the Bollman Hat  Company in 1986.
Today, the Bollman Hat Company continues the tradition set forth by George Bailey to make the highest quality hats for the western consumer. A large portion of the Bailey® range is still produced in Bollman’s world-famous Adamstown, Pennsylvania factory.
Bailey® is the iconic anti-hero of the Western industry. Noble motives may sometimes be pursued by bending the rules. Drawing from our Hollywood origins, the idea of the ‘honorable underdog beats to his own drum and seeks his own truth’ is glorified. Bailey® targets the competitive bull rider, sportsman, field worker, and rancher. 
The Bailey® cowboy is smart and a natural leader. He appreciates the heritage embodied by American freedom ideals but is aware of the imperfections of life and the struggles of being a ‘typically heroic’ cowboy from the movies. While he is influenced by Western trends, he is not pigeonholed by them and is open to incoming influences from mainstream styling.

Bailey® Western hats are designed for the core western lifestyle consumer. This collection features the best quality available including LiteFelt®, wool, straw and quality fur felts hats from 5X to 100X.

The Renegade collection is the hat of choice for today’s fashion western customer. Renegade hats are cutting-edge designs with a Western attitude. These top-quality straw and felt hats include innovative finish and design features. Perfect for the club, beach or concert, Renegade hats get you noticed.

Wind River® offers unique designs for the outdoorsman.

Today’s fisherman, hunter, hiker, and skier have elevated the outdoor industry to one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The Wind River® collection from Bailey® offers LiteFelts®, wool, straw, and fabric headwear.

The Bailey® Hat Company provides industry-leading quality headwear for a multitude of lifestyles — headwear that fits the working cowboy, concert attendee, fashion leader or the weekend outdoorsman.

Bailey is proud to make the highest quality hats for all you do in life.


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