Samuel L. Jackson stars in Bollman Hat promo to help bring jobs to Lancaster County from China

When the U.S. Army needed to recruit soldiers, it turned to a poster starring Uncle Sam.
When Bollman Hat Co. needed to recruit supporters, it turned to a video starring its own Uncle Sam.
Jackson, the acclaimed movie actor and credit-card pitchman, stars in a video Bollman made recently to promote a crowdfunding campaign that seeks to raise $100,000.
If the goal is reached, the money will go toward moving production of the most popular style of Bollman’s Kangol hats to Bollman’s Adamstown headquarters from China.
It’s an undertaking that could cost $1 million or more.
Jackson is one of numerous celebrities — a group that includes Brad Pitt, Madonna, LL Cool J and Eminem — who wear the trend-setting style, a wool cap named the “504.”
“We’ve had an ongoing relationship with him over the years where we’ve been sending him hats, because he loves to wear the Kangol product,” said Don Rongione, Bollman president and chief executive officer.
“There have been a number of films where he wanted to gift everyone who’s been on the crew and in the cast. So we custom-embroider hats with the name of the film or something and the kangaroo (logo),” he said.
Bollman got Jackson to participate in the video by simply asking his agent if Jackson would do it. Jackson agreed immediately to do the video — for free.
“He did it completely out of the kindness of his heart and his love of the brand,” said Rongione…..
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