ADAMSTOWN, Penn., January 17, 2018– Bollman Hat Company, America’s oldest hat maker, celebrates its 150th year in 2018.
Founded in 1868 by George Bollman, the company originally produced private label men’s hats only in the color black. The company has grown from its humble origins into a world-leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of men’s and women’s headwear and accessories. Bollman’s collection of brands include Bailey of Hollywood®, Helen Kaminski®, Kangol®, Betmar®, Bailey Western®, Country Gentleman®, Eddy Bros.® and Pantropic®. Bollman also continues to create private label designs for premier fashion brands, outdoor brands, and retailers.
“We have achieved this milestone through the hard work, talent, and dedication of our team now and those who came before us,” said Don Rongione, President and CEO. “They created a legacy of caring for our customers, company, and fellow employee-owners that we are proud to carry into our next 150 years.”
To celebrate its 150th year, Bollman Hat Company opened its first ever store in Santa Monica, California. Events will be conducted throughout the year in honor of Bollman’s 150th anniversary and the heritage of its brands.
Bollman is also launching the Bollman Hat Company brand, a collection of limited edition hats produced exclusively at its Adamstown, Pennsylvania factory which is America’s oldest hat factory. This collection will be available at the Bollman Hat Company store in Santa Monica and on and will feature innovative finishes and features created by Bollman in felt and straw hats for women and men.

About Bollman Hat Company: Founded in 1868, the Bollman Hat Company is known throughout the world for its industry leading quality and innovation as well as its collection of headwear’s top brands and private label products. Headquartered in Adamstown, PA, the company has been employee-owned since 1985, has staff on four continents, and maintains sales and design offices in New York City and Sydney, Australia. Bollman’s Adamstown plant is America’s oldest hat factory. To learn more, visit
Carly Glasmyre, Executive Assistant to President & CEO
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