ADAMSTOWN, PA – Bollman Hat Co. on Thursday launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring production of the iconic Kangol 504 hat, as well as more jobs, to its Adamstown plant.

Bollman is hoping to raise $100,000 to bring 80 knitting machines from China to Adamstown in the campaign. The machines were custom-made for Kangol in the 1930s and 1940s and can’t be replicated, said Bollman president and CEO Don Rongione.

The machines weave the fabric for Kangol’s 504 hat, the style often worn by actor Samuel L. Jackson, who is a spokesman for the campaign.



Kangol used the machines from 1938 until the mid 1990s to produce the hats in England, then moved the equipment to China. In 2001, Bollman acquired the global license to design, produce – See more at: