Since 1868 Bollman Hat Company’s talented and dedicated employee-owners and global team members have taken great pride in designing, developing and producing quality products while providing world-class service for our customers and helping consumers who are loyal to our brands look and feel great. 


This work has not only distinguished our organization in our industry, but it has provided life and career opportunities for generations of Bollman employee-owners and helped them provide for their families. Thousands have made Bollman their life’s work including thirteen of our employee-owners who exceeded fifty years of service and hundreds of others with more than 35 years. That loyalty and stewardship culture has allowed us to survive (and sometimes thrive) for over 150 years!

Adamstown, PA


Bollman Hat Company customers often comment on the superb customer service and attention that they receive from our staff. They comment on how our team members appear remarkably enthusiastic about our products and are always eager to help in any way. Many marvel at the quality and attention to detail of the products made at Bollman’s historic factory in Pennsylvania. Those touring our world famous factory almost always remark about how our people are so welcoming and hard working.  What customers might not know is that the Bollman Hat Company is employee-owned.

As an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company Bollman contributes cash to a retirement plan that buys Bollman stock which is allocated to all U.S. employee-owners.  This then results in uniquely engaged and motivated team members who recognize that when the company prospers, so shall we as owners.

This form of corporate ownership greatly benefits employees, especially in years when the company does well and profits are achieved. As an employee owned company, workers feel a greater connection to the operation and brands, and we know that every action we take impacts the company’s well-being and ultimately ourselves.  Everyone understands that if the company does well, we will reap the benefits.  It is estimated that more than 14 million people in the United States work for ESOP companies. [1] At Bollman Hat Company, employee-owners are treated as owners with an annual shareholders meeting, quarterly financial and performance updates and weekly “Good News” updates. According to Douglas Kause and Joseph Blasi of Rutgers University ESOP companies grow employment and sales by 2.3 to 2.4 % per year over what would have been expected absent an ESOP. [2]

Bollman employee-owners display our commitment to the company’s success in all roles and understand that no one is better than anyone else and each member of the team has an important role in team success. This engagement and dedication is in turn recognized and appreciated by the thousands of customers worldwide that buy Bollman hats and other clothing accessories produced by our family of brands including Bailey, Betmar, Country Gentleman, Helen Kaminski, Kangol and Pantropic.

Engaged employees provide unparalleled care and appreciation for our company and perform in ways unmatched by corporations where growth and profits benefit remote and unknown shareholders and executives alone.  Bollman Hat Company employee-owners care greatly about the well-being of our customers, buy-in to our mission, and understand that the long-term health of our company will benefit ourselves and our co-workers.  We are proud that the Bollman Hat Company is an ESOP company, and believe that it brings strength,  stability and a caring culture that is unmatched in our industry.


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