This collection takes its inspiration from music subcultures such as PunkSka2 Tone,Northern Soul and of course Hip Hop, all of which have defined their eras. Punk with its DIY or customization which inspired the newspaper style CUT+PASTE print available as an all-over pattern and the border pattern on a Bandanna, plus the ladder stitch Run group with its pop color Nylon lining. Northern Soul music with the amazing dance moves and the patches to show whichAll Nighters you had attended. Giving recognition to this movement Kangol® has created its own All Nighter patches that have been applied to the flat brim Links and a chunky knit cuff Beanie.
Celebrating Kangol’s iconic Bermuda Casual and the part it played in the Hip Hop movement a new Winter Bermuda fabric has been developed for the first time. Also for the first time the Casual will be sold in black only with three different logo colors.
Using both elements of our history, New York and London feature throughout the collection with the use of Nylon fabric as both a lining and main fabric. The name Nylon is a combination of NY and LONdon, which makes it the perfect Kangol® fabrication. A heavy canvas effect Nylon was used in the Bad Habit group that features an external pocket with the new ‘Bad Habit’ logo. The sleek Nylon fabrication used for the Zipper styles with the pop color, chunky zip pocket is a direct contrast. In the Subway print you can see a partial Union Jack plus Stars and Stripes flags hidden amongst other typically British or American symbols. The striking pattern is available in a Supre, Reversible Bucket hat and a knitted jacquard Beanie.
Our collaboration with Disney® continues, the six piece collection features two distinct patterns. The first group consists of a camouflage inspired print with overlapping elements of Mickey Mouse and the Kangol® Kangaroo, available in adjustable Cap, Bucket Hat and knitted jacquard Beanie with multicolored pom styles. The second group features a paint drip pattern that sees Mickey’s hand drawing the eyelets onto our Links and Supre styles, with the Kangol® logo embroidered in the Disney® font. There is also a knitted Beret with multicolored pom, and the new Kangol® x Disney® woven two color logo that features the Kangaroo on the left and Mickey’s head on the right.
The entire Kangol 2014 A/W Collection is now available at and select retail locations.
Visuals for the collection have been curated by Paula Goldstein DiPrincpie and captured bySimon DiPrincpie. Paula’s extensive career bridges the gap between fashion and digital, working fashion outlets such as Dazed and Confused and PurpleVoyage D’Etudes, Paula’s personal online story telling project, combines fashion and art along with travel, showcasing her youthful take on lifestyle.
Simon DiPrincpie resides in London, England and only shoots with film. More of his work can be viewed at his website.
The entire collection can be seen at