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Bollman Hat Company recently hosted a design challenge for art students in the Tri-State area.  The challenge had an Upcycling theme – taking what would be waste and turning it into something useful and new.  The “would be waste,” in this case, consisted of wool felt trimmings and fibers that are a byproduct of the hat making process.
Applicants were asked to design and construct an item of their choice using the materials provided.  Items could be submitted in one of three categories:  Wearable art (clothing), Wearable art (accessories, including hats), Other (sculpture, etc).  The goal was to create something that could be sold to consumers and eliminate waste.
Judging was based primarily on the use of materials, quality of construction and marketability.   Many eager students accepted the Bollman Design Challenge, but two lucky winners took home the prizes.

1st Place – Felicia Gregory, Wearable Art, Clothing

Grand Prize Winner – Kelsey Chute, Wearable Art, Accessories

1st Place, Wearable Art

1st Place, Wearable Art, Clothing

Grand Prize, Wearable Art,  Accessories

Grand Prize, Wearable Art, Accessories